Melisa Lewis


Melisa’s goal is to travel the nine provinces of South Africa in one year while documenting a wild series, fitting in as many adventures as possibly.

Melissa will document her life on the road, the places she visits, the people she meets, the challenges she faces, the vehicle she drives, the equipment she uses and most importantly how spending time adventuring, outdoors, and being in nature uplifts her and your soul.

“I’m passionate about inspiring others, especially women to follow their adventure dreams. I get excited about the BEST vehicle, adventure gear, and camping gadgets. I want to share what’s great about choosing the right products and all the little details that make adventuring, camping, and being on the road especially with the right gear, just the sweetest thing. Viewers and followers will feel the spirit of discovery as though they are journeying with me.”

“I aim to reveal more the full spectrum of the magic of traveling and adventuring as a woman and how important it is to choose the right products.”

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