how it all began

As with all tales, it starts with the humble beginnings of a young man called Hutch born in South Africa. After years of stumbling through life, he ended up lost and looking deep within. He believed you can have more than you got because you can become more than you are.

So began his journey to leave his ego as just a voice rumbling around in his mind and focused on giving to his life and others. It started with the little things. Creating a smile where there wasn’t one. A kind ear to someone who needed one. A hug for a lost soul needing some warmth.

So Hutch challenges every day. Leave every day better than you found it. This includes his mind, body, soul and the world.

 The question that started it was simple; 

“What is your TRUTH?”

the life of hutch challenge


Forget about your ego or persona. The little voice in your head that tells you that you look terrible this morning. This is about you! How do you want to live your life truthfully?


We start every day with the following saying; “How am I going to leave this day better than I found it?”. Mind, body, soul and the world. Get happening!
Get living!


Be the human you have dreamt of being. Be true to yourself. Allow others to be themselves. That is on them. 
Be authentic and live YOUR life!

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